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NexTee °°° HighlightsFeatures & Benefits

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee complies with the regulations of USGA and R&A!

  •   Molybdenum coated, wide and flat ball seat for less friction and longer distance
  •   Patented threads – warrant close drive tee retention and make the tee search obsolete
  •   The height control ring warrants consistent tee height and reliable ball position providing comfort and confidence for better drives
  •   It is also a pitch fork and groove cleaner

NexTee °°° Function How does it work?

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee has a flatter, wider ball seat than conventional golf tees.

As a result the impact of downward blows on the drive tee is reduced and the ball travels with less backspin.

By tilting the NexTee drive tee slightly forward the friction and consequential backspin can be reduced further resulting in longer drives.

NexTee °°° Packing8 drive tees per box

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee complies with the regulations of USGA and R&A and comes in 8 pcs. per pack.

NexTee °°° Other The different golf tee

Best results are achieved when the ball is hit with an upward swing of 1°-1.5° degrees.

The large majority of golfers hit the ball with a negative angle. The downward blow causes massive negative force

NexTee helps to reduce the negative effect of the downward swing.

The special shape and coating of the golf tee reduces the backspin caused by the downward swing.

The drive gains distance, better direction and control!

NexTee °°° Learn moreFor those who want to learn more:

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee has special features. It complies with USGA and R&A regulations!

Perhaps you are familiar with burn marks and chipped pieces on wooden tees. Triangular pieces occasionally break from the head. Sometimes brown/ black discoloration occurs. The heat and negative energy caused by the friction resulting from downward blows are the cause.

With plastic tees friction and heat produce a higher edge increasing the backspin and reducing the drive distance even further.

Why does this happen? It's not the driver head that causes the damage. It is the ball impact on the front edge of the tee in the direction the ball flies.

Bild: broken golf teeBild: broken golf tee

The high-speed camera shows the details: the ball is virtually always hit from above into the tee, deforms into an olive shape, and develops tremendous pressure and friction on the front edge of the ball seat. The impact can break even the toughest bamboo tee. Temperatures of up to 280°C / 540°F are measured causing discoloration and burn marks.

The molybdenum surface coating in conjunction with the flat and wide ball seat significantly reduces the strong friction. This results in longer and straighter drives.

Ordinary wood or plastic materials have a significantly higher friction resistance. Consequently tthis results in more whirl. The resulting spin, no matter whether it also causes slice or hook, shortens the drive distance significantly.

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee has a flatter ball seat than conventional golf tees. The impact on the golf tee is significantly reduced particularly with downward blows and causes less spin on the ball.

Bei NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee the ball rests reliably and at a constant height on the tee!