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NexTee °°° Environment The most environmentally friendly tee

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee is the most environmentally friendly tee available today.

NexTee golf tees are produced in Austria, Europe and sold in a handy, recyclable paper box. The tee is made from PVDF, a thermoplastic fluoropolymer which is 100% recyclable. PVDF is a specialty plastic used in applications requiring high purity, e.g. food processing or medical instruments. The molybdenum used for the coating is an essential trace mineral and also found in foods such as milk, nuts, cereal grains or vegetables.

How can we claim that NexTee golf tees are so environmentally friendly?

Simply put because they do not make debris and waste and finally end up in recyclable waste. It is in your hands to reduce the environmental impact to zero and keep nature free of harmful residuals other players unmindfully leave behind.

NexTee golf tees last for a very long time. Equivalent to 200 wooden tees or a slightly smaller number of cheap plastic tees which spoiled the golf course in the meantime - left behind, broken, with particles of paint tainting the soil. NexTee golf tees do not fly further away than 2 club lengths. The tees do not get lost and hardly ever crack. They never burst into pieces. In the unlikely case that a tee breaks it can be picked up and put into recyclable plastic waste.

NexTee golf tees do not get lost or stay behind. If forgotten another player most likely will take it and be happy to play it. Due to the size and high visibility NexTee golf tees are not overlooked and run over by personnel maintaining the golf course.

Do yourself and nature a favour – play NexTee … the intelligent golf tee!