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NexTee °°°

The patented design of "NexTee" results in consistently longer and more accurate drives compared to traditional golf tees.

NexTee °°°

A wider seat area combined with a molybdenum coated surface reduces the ball friction enormously. At the same time slice and hook are reduced.

NexTee °°°

Virtually all players hit the ball with a downward swing of up to - 17 ° creating a backspin of more than 4,000 rpm. This results in high friction and a temperature of up to 280°C on the golf tee. Burn marks and chipped regular tees are the result. A positive angle of +1° to +1.5° is ideal.

NexTee °°°

Your new driving tees will be delivered in a box of 8 with instructions for use and best driving tips.

NexTee °°°

The molybdenum coated surface reduces friction dramatically compared to traditional tees. At the same time the negative backspin of the ball is reduced by 400-800 rpm.

About NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee is a patented golf tee. Thanks to the newly developed shape and special surface coating NexTee reduces friction and backspin. Less friction translates into less backspin, less slice or hook, better direction, and longer distance.

Enjoy more consistent, more accurate, and longer drives.

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee complies with the criteria for USGA and R&A golf tees and can be used in all golf tournaments

NexTee °°° Highlights NexTee provides the following benefits

Bild: NexTee Oberfläche
NexTee °°° ball seat area

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee has a flatter ball seat than conventional tees. The force effect of downward blows on the drive tee is significantly reduced. This results in longer distance drives with less backspin, better direction, and reduced slice or hook. The ball rests securely on the wider ball seat. Slightly tilting the tee influences the trajectory of the ball and allows for extra effects.

Bild: NexTee Gewinde
NexTee °°° height control ring

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee has a clearly visible ring to accurately control the ball height . A consistent tee height and reliable ball position provides comfort and confidence for better drives.

Bild: NexTee Höhenring
NexTee °°° promotional tool

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee is a superior promotional tool. The novelty of the tee and the extraordinary design attract attention. The low cost in combination with the high number of eye contacts makes NexTee an attractive gimmick to reach a large audience.

Bild: NexTee Grooves Reiniger
NexTee °°° threads

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee has a threaded body preventing it from flying further than 2 club lengths. The annoying search for drive tees is a thing of the past.

Bild: NexTee Pitchgabel
NexTee °°° pitch fork

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee with its slanted form makes a perfect pitch fork and repairs pitch marks significantly better due to its flat, wide end.

Bild: NexTee als Werbemittel
NexTee °°° groove cleaner

NexTee °°° the intelligent golf tee is not only a superior drive tee providing confidence and consistency. With the wedge-shaped narrow end it also serves as a multipurpose tool, pitch fork, and groove-cleaner.

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